4lawns is a simple concept: making lawn care cleaner, quieter, and economical. It is a throwback to the days when you could hire the neighbor kid for yard work. Perhaps you can. It might help to get someone outside and enjoy doing something other than playing video games. Anyhow, I’m willing to try.

My name is Paul Cheney. While doing yard work for a few start-ups over the last decade and longer, I’ve noticed something in common. We mow, trim, and blow. You’ve probably seen the big trucks and trailers hauling literally tons of equipment, heard the noise, and smelled the Roundup. Nothing wrong with all that in general, except most of it is unnecessary and less healthy than beneficial. I can do all that with a bicycle and a few simple tools.

Yes, reel mowers do make a minimal amount of noise. What, a reel mower? You know, those things people would use to clip the grass on small lawns within short white picket fences back in the ’50s? It’s good for the grass. Also, electric trimmers and blowers are ideal for small properties.

I can do hauling for Spring clean-ups and property maintenance too. Only it requires using the modern means of gasoline. No problem, the world is still breathing. I brake for ladybugs though.