Another Bloody Day

When I started my present job doing lawn maintenaince, not in the traditional sense only more contemporary as in the way everybody seems to be doing it lately with loud smoggy motors and lots of deadly chemicals, I had a bloody nose from the first day, and nearly every following day for a month. Of course, extra strength Roundup is all around me all day especially at this time of year because that’s what our company is using. My lady told me that kimchi and tomato juice are effective against that stuff. The day after drinking 32 oz of extra strength (Campbells) tomato juice my nose didn’t bleed. I tried V8 for a few days and it worked but I could tell it lacked potency. So I skipped the day so far on Monday and after work sure enough, my nose bled. Just to be sure, check dry off your list, it was overcast and rained this afternoon.

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